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Stages of Labor ~ 3rd Edition

The stunning 3D animation of the first two editions is back in this updated (2013) version of Stages of Labor.  You will follow Jillian and Adrian, Jackie and Kevin, Natasha and Orion and Lea with her sister Sam through early labor, active labor and transition, plus second, third and fourth stage.

This comprehensive program familiarizes parents with the sights and sounds of labor while explaining the mechanics of it, thereby reducing fears and increasing feelings of preparedness!

One difference with the 3rd edition is the access to digital posters, accessed from the DVDs main menu.  You will find digital posters with information about anatomy of pregnancy and labor, labor overview, second stage and third and fourth stage images.  When you make an account on the Injoy website, you can also access the 8 page Facilitator's Guide for this and many other Injoy Videos.  These guides provide you with audience objectives, discussion questions prior to and after viewing, plus handouts and follow-up activity suggestions.

Running time total: 34:30
Eight separate chapters
Price to Purchase: $289.95
Click here to purchase

Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Really Need to KnowBy Emily Oster, Associate Professor of Economics, Univ. of Chicago
Penguin Press New York, 2013$26.95 Amazon Hardcover $18.95 Kindle $10.99

Touted by the New York Times as a “revelation for curious mothers-to-be”, Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Really Need to Know falls dreadfully short of that.

Ignoring the fact that the placenta is not a selective membrane, Oster says that Unisom, caffeine and alcohol are safe during pregnancy.  She ignores the true impact of epidural anesthesia on mother, stating that there were no differences in cesarean birth rate or length of dilation period of labor but does admit that there is greater use of cesarean for fetal distress and increased use of Pitocin augmentation.    Oster also ignores the immediate/postpartum breastfeeding impact on the baby (including delayed reflexes). One just needs to access any journal of lactation to find those studies.  The only negative impact of epidurals on the baby are “increased chance of unnecessary antibiotics”.

You would not even be aware of nonpharmacologic pain relief measures other than aromatherapy or acupuncture.  Oster bemoans birthing tubs as “where will all that water go”.  Massage? Breathing? Focusing? Heat/cold therapy? Music? Do it if you want but there is no evidence to support it.  Really?

“To be direct about it: it’s true that women have been giving birth at home for millions of years, but a lot of them, and many more of their babies, died.”  Unfortunately, Ms. Oster didn’t read the studies that say that we spend $98 billion a year on pregnancy and childbirth and still have the highest maternal mortality rate….ever…. – in fact, it has doubled in the last 25 years (March of Dimes/Center for Disease Control).  Over 125 other countries have a lower preterm birth rate than the US (March of Dimes).

Some of what I find disturbing is the information Oster gives in the book, but most of what I find disturbing is what she’s left out.  Sadly, important research, statistical data on pregnancy outcomes based on current medical policies and the impact of childbirth practices on breastfeeding were absent from Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Really Need to Know.

The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care: A Guide for Postpartum Doulas and Caregivers
By Salle Webber
Praeclarus Press 2012
ISBN: 0985418001
Praeclarus Press: $25.95
Amazon: $23.06 paperback
Kindle: $9.99
Reviewed by Beverly Young Reed, Birth & Postpartum Doula

I was asked to review the book “The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care, A Guide for Postpartum Doulas and Caregivers” by Salle Webber.  I was excited by the title of the book and looked forward to reading it. 

This book is a great resource for someone that might be considering the job of postpartum doula.  Salle does a great job at explaining the life of a postpartum doula.  What might be expected and the differences from family to family.  

I have to agree with Penny Simkin, PT, who wrote the forward for the book, that “I was struck by how much, as a young mother many years ago, I would have cherished her gentle open-hearted guidance and wisdom after each of my four babies was born.”  Salle’s love of her clients, and her job come through in her writing.  In the last chapter she talks about what it takes to be a doula, she says you need a servants heart, and it is Salle’s servants heart that comes through in her sharing of her families stories.

In the first section “The Art of Care” Salle goes over why someone might consider hiring a doula.  I felt this was a little out of place because the book is a “Guide for Postpartum Doulas and Caregivers”.  As I read this section I realized that a new doula could use the “sale” points of why a doula to help promote her practice.

The first few chapters could have been consolidated into one chapter, because they seem to repeat the same information.  Later in the book some if the same information is again shared in the relevant section.

In the second section of the book “The Skills of Care” Salle did a great job at breaking down the various skills a postpartum would use, and why she may use it.  This section is very eye opening on what to expect as a postpartum doula.

In the final section of the book “The Business of care” Salle goes over basic points to consider about the  business side of being a doula. 

Overall this book is a great resource for someone that is considering becoming a postpartum doula, or someone that is at the start of their business.  I would consider sharing section 2 with an expectant family.  As a seasoned postpartum doula I found myself shaking my head in agreement with most of what is written in the book.  I would love to see a more extensive in depth book set up like this one, taking doulas to the next level.  

Beverly Young Reed,
Birth & Postpartum doula,
Accredited Triple P Parenting Educator

BirthTouch: Pocket Guide to Perinatal Mental Illness for Childbirth Professionals
By Kathy Morelli LPC
BirthTouch LLC (February 11, 2013)
$3.99 Kindle on Amazon

One of the most under-discussed topics in maternity care is perinatal mental illnesses such as Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum psychosis, Bipolar and PTSD.  Kathy Morelli LPC, is a marriage and family counselor and volunteer for Postpartum Support International's Warmline who has created a no-nonsense guide for any maternal/child health professional. Identifying that childbirth professionals are the first contact for women with mood disorders, Morelli shares the stigma and fears surrounding mood disorders, statistical data and risk factors, thorough explanations of the different situations, plus remedies/actions/words that can be shared immediately, and referral information for more long term help. Action and healing are important components of helping women with mood disorders.  Morelli has done a great job in bringing this important topic to the forefront. This book is vital for birth professionals and the information is vital to share with expectant families.

BirthTouch: Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year
By Kathy Morelli LPC
112 Pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 18, 2012)
$19.99 Paperback or $9.99 Kindle on Amazon
A timely book.  Childbirth today is, at its core, centering and mindful.  Studies abound with evidence that relaxation is the foundation of health - pregnant and non-pregnant.  And there just are not enough books available to parents to help empower them to have a centered and mindful pregnancy and childbirth plus there are not enough resources for childbirth educators and doulas and midwives to give to their clients.  Kathy Morelli explores the blending of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques shiatsu and acupressure as well as energy flows to present non-pharmacologic remedies for stress.  Stress has detrimental effects on the pregnant body as well as the newborn.  Morelli's recipe for creating joy and identifying methods of self-care along with powerful positive affirmations makes this a book for every lending library.  Need more birth visualizations or explanations of relaxing breathing techniques?  This books has those also.  This is an ideal book to lend to not only pregnant women but also to the support team that will encourage them during the remaining parts of pregnancy and during childbirth.  Photos plus complete explanations makes this a great relaxation total care manual for any expecting couple!

Preparing for a Gentle Birth: The Pelvis in Pregnancy
By Blandine Calais-Germain and Nuria Vives Pares.
Healing Arts Press, Rochester Vermont
175 pages
Available in print from www.healingartspress.com or as an e-book $9.99 on Amazon.com
With equal research and graphics to her previous book, The Female Pelvis, Blandine Calais-Germain has released a new book, Preparing for a Gentle Birth: The Pelvis in Pregnancy.  This is, perhaps, the most intensive examination of the female pelvis published to date and offers the reader a complete prospective of positions for labor and birth, with both explanations, rationale, and photos/illustrations.  Beginning with a thorough exploration of the ligaments of the hips, joints, and pelvis, the authors set the stage to present the Four Stages of Childbirth and the Movement of the Pelvis. The illustrations, by Calais-Germain, give the reader a feeling of a hands-on workshop with topics such as "Manual Pressure on the Illiac Crest and Illiac Pronation" aka The Double Hip Squeeze, and various sitting, standing, squatting, kneeling and leaning positions including the Kabyle Position.  At a time when labor dystocia and posterior presentation occurs frequently, this is a book that may unlock non-pharmacologic care secrets.

Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach
By Henci Goer and Amy Romano
Classic Day Publishing: Seattle
ISBN ~ 978-1-59849
543 Pages
Available at

Amy Romano and Henci Goer are two names in the childbirth community that can be trusted for deciphering research and making it usable. They have been busy...very busy.

Their latest project, Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach doesn't disappoint. It is clear that Romano and Goer have their fingers on the pulse of evidence based information and a continuing dedication to helping birth professionals not only understand this information, but also how statistics can be spun for a certain outcome. They also point out how often times the evidence is ignored for a myriad of other reasons.

Romano said, "We wrote it for birth professionals and advocates to analyze the evidence basis for physiologic care and explore what is driving medical management in spite of evidence." With chapter such as "The Cesarean Epidemic", "Optimal Care for Initiating Labor", and "Optimal Practice for a Maternity Care System", present an unbiased review of the literature...the medical literature and clearly identify the obstacles to change in our system.

Perhaps my favorite chapter is Chapter 11 “IVs versus Oral Intake in Labor: “Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink”. By this chapter, one ponders why evidence doesn’t change practice. So the authors mythbust again, explaining that “NPO and routine IV fluids fit the medical-model of childbirth, which holds that labor and birth are pathological events in which something is likely to go wrong at any moment.” Things continue to become crystal clear! Additionally, in plain English, the hazards of NPO policies and IV fluid bolus administration are examined with a focus on maternal pulmonary edema, newborn wet lung syndrome and implications for breastfeeding (how fast the baby regains birth weight).

As in all of the chapters, Goer and Romano do not seek to tear down the medical model of care without offering something in return. Each chapter, including the chapter “Epidurals and Combined Spinal-Epidurals: The “Cadillacs of Analgesia” offer Strategies for Optimal Care…or alternatives to the status quo.

Yet, this book does not paint a picture of gloom and doom. A robust discussion of the United Kingdom report, Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth, identified the need for a national inquiry into maternity care and the safety and effectiveness of that care. The U.S. also has valuable reports such as The Evidence Basis for the 10 Steps to Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative and the Evidence-based Maternity Care: What It Is and What It Can Achieve…both of which should be in each birth professional’s library. Change is slow…very slow…but can be facilitated with the implementation of the midwifery model of care ~ another topic covered exhaustively in this book.

The bottom line is that Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach is a highly important book of our time. It arms the reader with the topics, antithesis of the topics and plausible solutions. While we cannot and should not attempt change in a militant format, this book gives us the information we need for those important and vital life-changing conversations.

Romano and Goer have truly given us a gift in Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach : a comprehensive, evidence-based blueprint for action. Generally speaking, this essential book examines the gap in maternity care between evidence-based optimal care and current best practice given by many maternity care practitioners. But that is just the tip of the iceberg!

I want to personally urge you to pre-order this book and join in the dynamic discussion.

And read a more complete review of this book in an upcoming 2012 issue of the International Journal of Childbirth Education.

Water Labour Water Birth: A Guide to the Use of Water During Childbirth
By Annie Sprague MNR, RN, RM, M&CH, Grad Dip Com Hlth, FACM
If you are in need of evidence-based documentation on the purpose, value and benefits of laboring and/or birthing in water, this is the book for you.  With a comprehensive look at the history of water use and how water can be helpful during pregnancy, Water Labour Water Birth seeks to uncover the shroud of doubt many people have regarding the use of water during the birthing process.  Marrying the reaction of hormones, relaxation and water, Sprague identifies the pain relieving qualities of birth, and how active labor can be made easier through both pain relief and position changes. Precautions, and the technical matters of water during childbirth are there also for the hospital or birthing facility who wishes to add to or change current policies, procedures and practice guidelines.  Critical to any discussion of water labour and water birth is the immediate reaction of the mother to bring her baby to her chest and the natural reaction to begin skin-to-skin contact!  In short, as Sprague sums it up, "Using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to research this topic for my thesis, it became apparent that water immersion during labour and birth was also associated with decreased rates of perineal trauma, episiotomy rates and operative deliveries (cesarean sections, forceps or ventouse).  This was coupled with increased maternal satisfaction with the experience of childbirth, when compared with births where water immersion was not used during labour and birth."
Publisher: Annie Sprague
112 Pages

Available on Amazon as Kindle e-book $9.99


The Heart in the Womb: An Exploration of the Roots of Human Love and Social Cohesion
By Dr. Amali Lokugamage

One of the must read books of 2012 is this book by an obstetrician…an obstetrician transformed!  From her candid observations (I was also aware of the use of technology at the expense of hands-on medicine) to her outspoken debunking of “ the way we’ve always done it” (The current Cochrane meta-analysis of all research studies concludes that in comparison to using a fetal stethoscope intermittently to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, there is little evidence of benefit to perinatal outcome.)

Through the journey of her own pregnancy and childbirth, Lokugamage discovered the pieces of the maternity care process that were missing: personal care, respect of instinct, identification of childbirth as a normal and natural human experience plus the importance of movement to the cardinal movements, benefits and use of nonpharmacologic pain relief methods and so much more.

Yet, this book is not just about her personal journey.  This groundbreaking book examines maternity care today as it is, how it could be with a fuller embrace of the midwifery model of care, and the impact of how the respect of the birth process could impact society as a whole.  The missing pieces of obstetric training are exposed and Lokugamage clearly sees that sometimes in their zeal to help people cope with disease, physicians can lose sight of the normalcy of childbirth.  She has truly given us a blueprint with which to improve the education of every physician and nurse, with a comprehensive reference section in the back of the book.

I applaud Dr. Lokugamage for being so strong and writing this book.  And may I suggest that when you are done, lend it to a physician or nurse you know.  It will be transformative.

ISBN: 978-0-9569667-0-4
127 pages with references

Available on Amazon as Kindle e-book $9.99

Healthy Mom, Happy Family: Understanding Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
One in eight women will experience perinatal mood disorders.  If you are looking for a short, concise and evidence-based DVD about mood disorders in the childbearing year, this is the perfect DVD for you.  From Postpartum Support International, this 13 minute DVD covers the experiences of 4 women and their travels to overcome perinatal mood disorders.   Viewers will understand the risk factors, symptoms and various treatment options of PMD.  This DVD is perfect for hospitals/clinics, childbirth educators/doulas, lactation consultants and can be viewed by parenting support groups.
Running time: 13 Minutes
Price to Purchase: $50 US
Healthy Birth Your Way: Six Steps to a Safer Birth
by Lamaze International and Injoy Birth & Parenting Education
If you are like me, you have come to expect great things from Lamaze International...and Injoy Videos.  But when they teamed together for this joint DVD venture, a superior product was born.  Separated into 6 chapters (none over 4 minutes), this DVD reviews the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices and sets a firm foundation for education.  The Birth Practices contain evidence-based research that are proven to reduce labor interventions and cesarean surgical births - thus reducing early babies, and admissions into the NICU.  You should visit www.mothersadvocate.org to download the free 18 page companion booklet to this DVD - professional designed and in PDF format so you can hand your client(s) true quality!
Running time: 18:53 minutes total
Price to Purchase: $12.95 (or visit www.mothersadvocate.orgto download the entire DVD for free to your computer!)
Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds
by Cynthia Gabriel
Two hundred and forty pages of empowerment: That's what you'll find in this new book from medical anthropologist and doula, Cynthia Gabriel.  With homebirth rising 20% and cesareans rising to 34%, the pendulum has swung so that more consumers are requesting and in some instances demanding a return to physiologic birth.  With education as the firm foundation for the book, Gabriel covers all of the topics essential to obtaining the birth you want, regardless.  The most dynamic chapter, however, may be her chapter on birth plans!  With topics such as feeling safe and trusting your instincts, this book should be in every doula and childbirth educators' lending library!!!!!
240 pages with graphs & photos
ISBN: 978-1-55832-7184
Harvard Common Press
Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion

Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion is one of the best films for introducing the concept of doula care, both birth doulas (50 minutes) and postpartum doulas (10 minutes). The film, which takes place in England, is a unique look at two doula supported home waterbirths and video diary footage shot by the parents of another doula-supported birth that ends up being a transfer to the hospital for a cesarean birth. In the second portion, postpartum doula care includes two postpartum doulas helping new mothers in those very special first few weeks of life with a newborn! This film has some of the most amazing waterbirth/pushing video I have ever seen and shows mothers in various phases of labor, managing labor with nonpharmacological pain relief methods such as positioning, hydrotherapy, walking, squatting, breathing, focusing, vocalization and more!  Such joy, confidence and relaxation on the mother and father’s faces ~ the way birth should be! Parents hire doulas for consistency, serving, unconditional support taking the lead from the parents, and for taking care of the practical “little things” that make births go so much more smoothly. With great input from the laboring mothers’ partners/husbands, this DVD really speaks to the fathers who are viewing.

This is a great video for doulas to show to potential clients - it is both an introductory tool for doula care but also a great birth film!  Childbirth educators will also benefit from it for the same reasons ~ including waterbirths!

Running Time: 60 Minutes (50 birth doula + 10 postpartum doula)
Price: $39.95  US
To purchase in Europe, www.doulafilm.com
To purchase in North America, go to


Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs The Real Thing a documentary by Vicki Elson MA, CCE
One of, if not THE most important video of 2009, Laboring Under An Illusion will enlighten you with the images of "I Love Lucy" to today's reality birth shows.  Childbirth anthropologist Vicki Elson takes a long look at the images shown our society and how they can diminish and skew the view of birth from the normal human event it is - to the seemingly inconsequential event as it is viewed as today.  After viewing the over 100 clips, is it any wonder women and women in labor are not valued by our culture?  While Elson contrasts the two prevalent views of birth, she does not bring the viewer to a conclusion.  She lets the video clips speak for themselves and allows the viewer to make their own conclusion.  This is a perfect video for a community group wanting to inform about birth, a childbirth education group, groups of maternity professionals, or doula group.

Running Time: 50 Minutes
Price: $39.95  US
To purchase, go to


Understanding The Dangers of Cesarean Birth: Making Informed Decisions by Nicette Jukelevics/ Foreword by Charles Mahan, MD
2008 can truly be said to be the year that birth was in the spotlight.  And no other book in 2008 shown the spotlight of truth on Cesarean Births quite like this one.  Jukelevics uses extensive research to substantiate her points with such hard hitting chapters such as "Breaking the Silence: Birth Trauma, Cesareans and Post Traumatic Stress", "Electronic Fetal Monitoring: More Information is Not Always Better" and "Out of Hospital Birth Lowers the Odds for Cesarean Section", plus the extensive bibliography, makes this book #1 on your "must read list" for 2009!  This book has been endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup, as well as Dr. Marsden Wagner, the president of BirthNetwork National, the editor of Mothering Magazine, the advocacy director of ICAN and more! For additional information, go to http://www.dangersofcesareanbirth.com/

304 pages with graphs & photos
ISBN: 0-275-99906-8
Praeger Publishers
$49.95 or available as an ebook


Planned Cesarean ~ your guide to a positive birth experience.
This DVD shows expectant parents how to turn a medical necessity into a positive birth memory.  Viewers join two couples as they prepare for their cesareans, undergo major abdomenal surgery and start the recovery process.  The surgical procedure is shown through animation, and helpful, family-centered cesarean birth tips are presented throughout the program.

Program Segmented for Optimal Usage
Total Length: 36:20 minutes
  Available from www.birthsource.com.


Born In The USA: How A Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed To Put Women and Children First by Marsden Wagner MD, MS
Riveting... This book is by far the most important book of this decade ~ whether you are an expectant mother or father, or birth professional.  Long time birth advocate, Dr. Marsden Wagner has set for the clear proof that childbirth in the US generally does NOT follow the evidence based research that is available.  Fully documented, this book is a startling (for some) expose of the state of childbirth in the US, exposing the pitiful health statistics in the US.  Wagner says that women are convinced that their uterus's are incapable of contracting with out medication, that women cannot tolerate labor pain (unlike the women who have gone before us), and that nearly 1/3 of women cannot push their babies out and must have forceps or vacuum or cesarean to help them birth.  If you care for and about birthing women, you must read this book!!!

294 pages
ISBN 0-520-24596-2
Publisher: University of California Press
Cost: $16.47 on amazon.com


Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read and Foreward by Michel Odent

The world-wide bestseller and classic has been reissued!  This edition is true to the 4th edition Read completed in June 1959, just before his death.  To quote Andrea Robertson, "a fascinating insight into normal birth at a time when endorphins were not known, modern midwifery did not exist and women had already learnt to fear labour."  Find out incredible details about the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle.  Read was certainly one of the first childbirth advocates ~ this is a must for all who are in birth education: nurses, midwives, childbirth educators, physicians, or doulas.

338 pages
ISBN 0-9530964-6-7
Publisher: Pinter & Martin
Cost: $19.95 US, 8.99 UK, $27.95 AUS ; available from
Pinter & Martin and many local book stores plus Amazon for $13.57 + shipping.


Honey I Think My Water Just Broke! 32 Personal Accounts of Childbirth by Shannon Kelly

Read as 32 expectant parents share deep and poignant stories about pregnancy, labor and childbirth.  After giving birth to her son in 2002, Kelly was driven to write this book to share experiences with other soon-to-be parents.  The author has done her homework, researched the topic and has interviewed maternity professionals and put this information in everyday words all can understand.

124 pages
ISBN 1420808265
Publisher: Authorhouse
Cost: $11.95; available from Authorhouse by electronic book ($3.95) or paperback ($10.25 + s/h).

Eating Expectantly: A Practical and Tasty Guide to Prenatal Nutrition by Bridget Swinney MS and Tracey Anderson RN BS FACCE.

Rated as one of the “10 best parenting books” by Child magazine, Eating Expectantly offers a practical and tasty approach to prenatal nutrition. Dietitian Bridget Swinney combines nutritional guidelines for each trimester with 200 complete menus, 85 tasty recipes, and cooking and shopping tips. Newly revised with the most current nutrition information.

398 pages
ISBN 0-88166-371-9
Publisher: Meadowbrook Press
Cost: $12.00 ~ available from BirthEssentials Online Store!

The Whole Pregnancy Handbook by Joel M. Evans MD with Robin Aronson

Advertised as "everything you need to know about the latest in alternative and conventional health care", this book has generally good information.  Dr. Evans includes much about healthy normal pregnancy and childbirth and encourages continuous communication with caregivers. This is a great book to become introduced to pregnancy yoga, aromatherapy While his coverage of inductions include accupressure points as well as herbal remedies, disappointingly the author glosses over cervical ripening agents and Pitocin which are all too common place today.  His statement that "In this day and age and in this legal environment, epidurals of any sort wouldn't be given if they weren't considered absolutely safe for both mother and baby" does not reflect generally current medical research.  And often, he refers to how it is in his practice - not helpful unless you live in Connecticut.

556 pages
ISBN 1-592-40111-2

Publisher: Gotham Books, a division of Penguin Group
Cost: $20.00 US or $29.00 Canadian

The Simple Guide to Having a Baby: What you Need to Know by Janet Whalley RN BSN, Penny Simkin PT, and Ann Keppler RN MN.

Destined to replace "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" this great new book is a tremendous resource on how to stay healthy during pregnancy, how to handle labor pain and how to care for your new baby!  The great illustrations and easy-to-use lists makes this book a must-have for every mother-to-be.  Makes a great shower gift if you are looking for the "one great gift" this is it!!!!

266 pages
ISBN 0-88166-482-0

Publisher: Meadowbrook Press - Available from BirthEssentials - our online store!
Cost: $12.00

Mothers Know Best: Real Moms Share 1001 Tips on Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year by Connie Correia Fisher and Joanne Correia with a foreword by Dr. Jennifer L Howse, President of March of Dimes

Imagine having 1001 tips from 500 women from 12 countries ~ right at your finger tips!  That is what writers Fisher and Correia have done, giving you the benefit of wisdom, helpful tips, great time and money saving hints in an easy to read format.  Compacted into small mini-sections, this book crams much into a little space.  From choosing your pediatrician to trusting your instincts as a new mother, this book is a book even the busiest mother juggling a family can enjoy!

335 pages
ISBN 0-9661200-6-X

Publisher: Sweet Potatoes Press
Cost: $14.95

DOGS & STORKS ~ preparing the family dog for life with baby!
Created by Jennfier Shryock CDBC

Answering the need of expectant parents to prepare the family dog for life with the new baby, Ms. Shryock, a certified dog behavior consultant, compiles essential information on an easy-to-use PowerPoint presentation.  She covers topics such as truly getting to know your dog/dog type, your dog's sensitive issues, communicating with your dog, knowing how your dog asks for and receives attention, and tips for success.  Study this again and again, in the comfort of your own home. Free follow-up teleconferences and message boards for continued support.  If you have a pet and are expecting a new baby, this CD is for you!

www.familypaws.com ~ and coming soon to BirthEssentials Online Store!
PowerPoint Presentation
Cost: $30.00

Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway? What Every Woman Must Know About Childbirth by Breck Hawk RN & Midwife
This great new book is not only a guide to many aspects of birth, but it is also a workbook ~ explaining why things happen, not just that they do happen in birth! Ms. Hawk has done her research and seeks to empower the pregnant consumer with information rarely included in consumer-oriented books such as the 2002 Cesarean Rate by State Chart, great information on waterbirths and insight into birth plans and the protocols of hospitals/birth centers. Her chapter on Medications in Labor will be as informative to professionals as well as expectant parents.  Heavy documentation supports this must read book! Well worth the investment!

400 pages
ISBN 0-9751264-4-X
Some charts; few pictures or illustrations
Publisher: Metropolis Ink
Cost: $19.95 and available from BirthEssentials

Pregnancy for Dummies ~ The DVD

This DVD or VHS presentation is cute and has some good basic information.  There are some definite biases presented that could flavor the way expectant parents see childbirth.  Twice, information is given and it is not accurate to 2002.  These two pieces of information include the mechanism of episiotomy and the rate of cesarean section.  The DVD informs parents that the lack of an episiotomy may cause tears, when research shows evidence to the opposite.  And the cesarean section is presented at 20% when in reality, it is more like 25%.  Unfortunately there is no reference to the power that women have to raise their pain tolerance through comfort measures, all women are shown to labor in bed and no mother pushes in an upright position.  Not a surprise that all 3 women shown op for an epidural, two have oxygen and one has a cesarean.

2 DVD set or VHS
Live action/physician interviews; cartoon

Publisher: WellSpring
Cost: $26.95

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers by Shari Maser CCE
This book is the definitive how-to guide for creating a spiritual and emotionally fulfilling alternative to the usual baby shower.  Never before has one source had so much to offer: a brief history of woman-centered blessingways, celebration ideas, invitation ideas, "scripts" and how to do "run throughs" so it all goes smoothly, plus gift, food and song ideas.  Ms. Maser has given us the recipe for the new baby shower!

272 pages/some photos/ illustrations
ISBN: 0-9754551-7-6
Publisher: MoonDance Press
Cost: $14.95

The Female Pelvis: Anatomy & Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain

The female pelvis and its contents are an underappreciated region of anatomy - and so vital to the process of childbirth!  With over 250 illustrations, this book provides a better undertstanding of the pelvis, exercises for toning, and suggestions for health and fitness. One of the great new books for 2005!

159 pages/250 illustrations
ISBN: 0-939616-38-6
Publisher: Eastland Press ~ available through BirthEssentials!
Cost: $24.95

Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy & Childbirth by Sandy Jones and Marcie Jones
If you are searching for one book for your pregnancy or are searching for that one book to refer ALL of your expectant clients to, this book is by far the greatest achievement in childbirth education reading material! If you only want to read one book during your pregnancy, this MUST be it. Sandy Jones and her daughter Marcie Jones have included absolutely EVERYTHING an expectant woman and her family needs to know. It is written objectively and is very current. This book should be on everyone's recommended reading list!

Pages: 646 - packed with valuable information!
Publisher: Barnes & Nobles Books
ISBN: 0-7607-4132-8
Cost: $14.95 ($22.95 Canadian)

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Peanut Ball

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Peanut Ball

Also known as the Physio-Ball, this increases stability during labor!

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Birthing Balls

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Birthing Balls

Over 100 hospitals use our medical-grade physio-therapy birth balls!

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Childbirth Educator Office CD-ROM

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Childbirth Educator Office CD-ROM

Essential forms + curriculum for your childbirth education business with over 50 handouts!

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