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Professional Information

"Professional Information" provides maternal/child health professionals, including nurses, midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, pregnancy massage therapists and all who work with expectant parents with the most up-to-date research based information.

International Birth Links - visit birth-related sites from around the world.
Links - surf the web on these great web sites, updated regularly!
Referral Network - list your services as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant or other maternal child health professional in your community. Follow the format on these pages and email the webmaster.

10 Steps to Becoming A Doula! - ~ and so much more!
2007 Quote of the Month! - each month a new quote about birth!
2008 Quote of the Month - each month a new quote about birth or parenting!
2009 Quote of the Month - a great quote about birth, breastfeeding or parenting!
2010 Quote of the Month - ~ a new quote every month about childbirth, breastfeeding & parenting!
2011 Quote of the Month - ~ a monthly quote about pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding!
2012 Quote of the Month - ~ a monthly quote about pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding!
2013 Quote of the Month - Inspirational Birth & Breastfeeding Quotes
2014 Quote of the Month - Inspirational Birth & Breastfeeding Quotes
3 D Ultrasound - learn about the 3 dimensional ultrasound.
Acupressure - points to enhance labor's progress.
Ambien - one of the newest meds.
Amnioinfusion - Amnioinfusion can be used to treat a variety of problems.
Amniotic Fluid - All aspects about amniotic fluid and its importance.
Amniotomy - why artificial rupture of membranes? Find out here.
Anesthesia for Circumcision - what are parents' options today.
Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) - Hughes’ Syndrome or Sticky Blood Syndrome
Aromatherapy for Labor & Birth - discover how smell influences the progress of labor!
Baby’s First Massage® - Independent Study Module Information.
Becoming A Childbirth Educator - here are the basic steps...and how to take the next steps!
Becoming A Doula - the basics of how-to become a doula.
Beginning To Teach - top 5 items to have when you are an educator.
Beyond the Bishop Score - other predictors of induction success.
Birth Art - for many years, humans have honored birth. See how!
Birth Balls - using one in labor can facilitate labor.
Birth Journalism - writing for professional journals can be fun and rewarding.
Birth Scripting - responding to birth.
Birth Scripting with Cultural Bias? - an editorial
Birthing Spirit - is your spirit dull? Are you a victim of gradualism?
Birth-related Programs and Campaigns ~ Updated! - getting you hooked in.
Book/DVD/App Reviews NEW - the best books, DVDs and more!
Braxton-Hicks - what you don't know about Dr. John Braxton-Hicks.
Breastfeeding - what the WHO Code says.
Breastfeeding & The Doula - the choice, the basics and more!
Breech Babies - suggestions for enabling baby to become vertex presenting.
Cardinal Movements - unique and specific movements that signal labor progress.
Cerclage - treatment for incompetent cervix.
Cervical Pregnancy - treatment options for this rare situation.
Cervical Ripening Agents - increasing the success of inductions.
Cesarean Birth - clinical indications for cesareans and surgery details.
Chadwick's Sign, Chloasma and Linea Nigra - learn about skin changes for expectant women.
Changing the Perception of Birth - know what women fear.
Comfort and the 5 Senses - an easy-to-remember method of providing comfort.
Complimentary & Alternative Therapies - herbs, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and more!
Continuing Education - keeping certified, licensed and current.
Cord Blood - more parents are storing cord blood now than ever.
Co-Sleeping - great tips for this controversial topic.
Cytotec - uncovering misoprostol.
Doula Care - get the facts about psychosocial labor support.
Doula Care: Online Bibliography - Updated.
Doula Dilemma - saying "no" to a client.
Doula Training Workshop - what others say about our DTWs!
Doulas & SARS - a candid look at giving doula care in a crisis.
Doulas on the Edge - respecting colleagues, clients, and others.
Dysfunctional Labor - when labor slows or stops...why?
East Meets West - Feng Shui in the Birth Environment
Eating During Labor - the controversy surrounding Mendelson's Syndrome.
Education for Birth ~ Updated! - rediscovering the value of childbirth classes.
EFM - Evaluating Non-reassuring EFM Patterns
Ending Obstetric Fistulas - the world campaign.
Epiduals and Cesareans - exploring the connection.
Epidurals - When They Fail - frustration mounts when this medication fails.
Epidurals 101 - a look at this popular anesthesia.
Epidurals and Newborn Feeding - examining this controversial subject.
Episiotomy FAQ - basic information.
Episiotomy or Perineal Massage - are episiotomies always necessary?
Evidence-Based Maternity Care NEW - ~ turn A Ha Moments into Dynamic Practice
Fear - to change the perception of birth, know what women fear.
Feng Shui - making the birth environment harmonious.
Fetal Heart Monitoring - learning the basics.
Fetal Pulse Oximetry - New alternatives for measuring fetal well-being.
Finger Acupressure - Labor can be enhanced by this touch technique.
Folic Acid Awareness - find out much more about this important nutrient!
Free Downloads NEW - see our growing list of downloads ~ Newly updated!
Getting All the Ducks in a Row - Birth Plans - how childbirth educators play a vital role
Grant writing - a guide for the maternal child health professional.
Group B Strep - unraveling the myths.
Growing through Conflict - misunderstandings, miscommunication
Handouts for Childbirth Classes - important tips to make your handouts great.
Healthy People 2010 - how childbirth educators and doulas can impact pregnancy outcomes.
Healthy People 2010 Update: - how childbirth educators and doulas can impact pregnancy outcomes.
HELLP Syndrome - Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and low platelet count.
Hemorrhoids - a true discomfort of pregnancy.
Hippocratic Oath - what does it say and how it affects childbirth.
Hormones During Labor and Birth - anatomy and physiology of labor - hormones
Hospital Based Doula Programs - a guide for the professional.
Hospital Based Doula Programs - ten steps to implementation.
How HIV is transmitted during childbirth - find out the facts of the latest study.
HR 5807 Research Tool Kit NEW
Hydatidiform Moles - about a molar pregnancy.
Hydrotherapy - using water to reduce labor pain.
Inductions - do elective inductions take into consideration oxytocin receptor sites?
Informed Consent - Freedom to choose is based on these fundamental principles.
Intra-nasal Oxytocin - a new way to instill oxytocin for induction.
Involution and Lochia - what they are and why they are.
Jewish Perspective of Childbirth - learn about Jewish Law and customs.
Just for New Doulas - Prenatal Visit Basics.
Just The Facts About ~ - Near Term Infants
Keeping Cool During Hot Summer Days - help pregnant women avoid heat-related conditions.
Kernicterus - newborn jaundice.
Knitted Uterus - here is a pattern to make your own.
Labor Comforts Class NEW - add this class to your list of classes!
Learners and Learner Preferences - discovering the key to teaching.
Learners: The Next Generation - tips for teaching the generations.
Liability and Birth Professionals - why what may you do can hurt you!
Longer Labors - stress? lack of nutrition? lack of trust?
Marketing - networking your birth related business.
Massage During Pregnancy - explore the benefits of touch!
Medical Model or Holistic Model? - what are the differences in these two models?
Mendelson's Syndrome - pneumonia from vomitus aspiration.
Mitral Valve Prolapse and Labor - most women can have successful outcomes.
Morning Sickness - does it have to happen?
Moxibustion - to turn breech babies.
MRSA - ~ Implications for Childbirth Educators and Doulas
Neural Tube Defects - what are they and how folic acid can help.
New Nutrition Labeling - from the FDA.
Normal Childbirth or Natural Childbirth - what are they and how do they differ?
Nuchal Translucency Scan - explore benefits of this special ultrasound.
Nurses and Doulas - how they can benefit each other.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Pregnancy - how can these nutrients impact pregnancy.
Online Continuing Education Opportunities - ~ from Perinatal Education Associates!
Pain as the 5th Vital Sign - is it appropriate in labor to label pain?
Passive Pelvic Rock - when she has an epidural and posterior presentation.
PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Pelvic Floor - Kegels, perineal massage and spontaneous pushing.
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy - explore this rare complication.
Pethidine - for pain relief in labour.
Polishing Your Professional Image - part 1 of a 2 part series.
Polishing Your Professional Image - 2nd part of a 2 part series.
Positional Plagiocephaly & Tortocollis - babies need more Tummy Time!
Positions for Labor - help laboring mothers labor faster & more efficiently!
Positive Affirmations & Labor - great phrases you can say during labor!
Postpartum Doula Training Workshop - ~ DONA International Approved!
Postpartum Processing - processing postpartum "baggage."
Pre-eclampsia - an update.
Preemies - a look at their special problems.
Premature Rupture of Membranes - an overview.
Preterm Labor - signs and symptoms, drug therapies and bedrest.
Professional Organization Directory - where to go for the certification/training you want.
Professional Services - liability insurance for doulas and childbirth educators!
Protraction & Arrest Disorders - slower than "normal" cervical progress.
Psychosocial Adaptations to Birth - a look at Maslow's Heirarchy of needs.
PUPPP Syndrome - Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy
Reading for the Birth Professional - Our Top 10 Web Suggestions!
Recertification - steps for recertification
Recognizing Colleagues Under Stress - ~ how you can help others.
Red Raspberry Leaf - the uterine tonic.
Rediscovering Normal Birth – The 5 B’s - how can you help change the birth in 2011?
Resume or CV - 10 tips for writing a professional resume or curriculum vitae.
Retained Placenta - or placenta accreta.
Rhombus of Michaelis - and a painful second stage of labor.
Rising Cesarean Section Rates - a global trend? A call for education.
RSV: Respiratory Syncytial Virus - what you need to share with expectant parents.
Scheduling Childbirth? - should babies be born on a schedule? Let us know!
Second Stage - pushing and breathing techniques.
Second Stage of Labor - reading your client's body language.
Sharron S. Humenick - ~ childbirth education icon
Sheehan's Syndrome - a rare postpartum complication
Shoulder Dystocia - learning what care providers can do.
Starting a Business in the Perinatal Field - Part 2: Organizing and marketing your business.
Starting a Business in the Perinatal Field - Part 1: Forming Your Business
Sterile Water Injections - for relief of back pain in labor.
T.E.N.S. - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for labor & birth.
Taking A Look At Mindfulness Guided Imagery as an Add-on to Relaxation - childbirth curriculum necessities!
Teaching About Cesareans - make your own teaching tool with free patterns.
Teaching About Emergency Childbirth - approaching an uncomfortable topic.
The (United) State of Breastfeeding - interesting researched facts.
The Facts About Thrush - when mom and baby have this bothersome condition.
The Importance of Skin to Skin NEW
The Labor Process - Stages and phases.
The My Plate Food Guide - An Update for Professionals
Tocolytics - medication for preterm labor.
Transparency in Maternity Care - ~ what are the rates of cesarean? episiotomy?
Turning a Breech Baby - medical and non-medical methods care providers use to turn breech babies.
Understanding Fetal Positioning - ~ before we change it, understand it.
Universal or Standard Precautions - how these safety measures can impact your practice.
Updated Circumcision Information - From the Center for Disease Control
USDA Breastpump Website - New Information Center for US Breastfeeding Moms
Uterine Suture - the impact on subsequent uterine rupture.
Vaginal Birth - too hard? Too dangerous?
Valsalva's Maneuver - a side effect with side effects.
Vasa Previa - an anomaly of the placenta and umbilical cord.
VBAC & Elective Ceseareans - the controversy continues.
Watch Your Phraseology - using tact and manners.
Water Labor/Water Birth - ~ info to help you help your clients/patients!
What Is A Postpartum Doula - ~ they are in great need in many areas!
What Women Want From Childbirth Education - are their needs being met?
Why Evidence Based Care? - ~what is it? Why it is important!
Why Women Think The Way They Do NEW - regardless of research, why don't they change?
Witch Hazel - ever wonder what is in that witch hazel pad?
Writing Behavioral Objectives - tips for writing objectives & the APA Style of Referencing

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