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Expectant Family Information

Especially written for expectant by maternal/child health professionals, this section has a variety of articles that span pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum. Articles about breastfeeding, jaundice, circumcision, safety and parenting will help parents get the information they need and want!
10 Things New Parents May Not Know - but should know!
Active Phase of Labor - Dilation from 4 - 7 centimeters.
An Introduction to Pregnancy & Childbirth - Nizhoni - Walking in the Beauty of Pregnancy & Birth
Aromatherapy - more than just good smells.
Baby Safety - know what do to before baby arrives.
Back Labor - what it is and what you can do about it!
Back to Sleep - the best way to put your baby to sleep!
Bathing Your Newborn - a how-to guide.
Bedrest - coping with the emotional and physical stresses.
Birth Balls - perhaps an odd concept, but they really work during labor!
Birth Plan Sample - see how the worksheet looks in letter format.
Birth Plan Worksheet - you don't need pages and pages. Try this one.
Birth Plans - when they are 4-letter words to the staff.
Blessing Way - the new innovation that is really old!
Braxton Hicks Contractions - what you should know!
Breastfeeding - be informed about all of the advantages.
Breastfeeding - fast facts to keep you in the know & great video!
Breathing - techniques to use through labor and birth.
Car Seat Safety! - the latest updates.
Cesarean Births - having a cesarean is having a baby.
Cesareans - world wide effort to lower the overall rate.
Choosing A Place To Give Birth - what are your choices?
Choosing Childbirth Education Classes - do you really need to take childbirth classes?
Circumcision - a difficult choice for new parents.
Comfort Measures - increasing your pain tolerance and facilitating labor's progress.
Complimentary and Alternative Therapies - an overview of many alternatives available today.
Cord Blood - a personal story fo the amazing gift of life.
Co-Sleeping - a guide to a great gift for parents & babies.
Couvade Syndrome - men feel the pangs of pregnancy too.
Daddies - a special article by Lori Alexander.
Deciding To Have A Family - the Importance of Preconception Care
Dehydration and Pregnancy - ~ more than being thirsty!
Diagnostic Screening - explanations of some of the most common tests.
Diapering Your Baby - it can be as easy as it looks!
Doula - 10 questions to ask when hiring this amazing professional
Doulas - the fast facts in this FAQ sheet.
Doulas - do you need one?
Doulas ~ The Role of the Doula - using ordinary techniques with amazing results.
Dystocia - also known as failure to progress.
Early Phase of Labor - Dilation from 0-3 centimeters
Elective Cesarean - what women are really choosing.
EMPOWER BIRTHS - easy way to remember the tools for labor.
Endorphins - your body's little known miracle of childbirth.
Epidurals - what expectant parents NEED to know!
Epidural's Impact on Birth
Episiotomy - or perineal massage?
Episiotomy: Understanding The Facts is Key NEW - what you need to know to make good decisions.
Estimating the Estimated Due Date - unraveling the mystery behind this important date!
FAS & FAE - when babies feel the effects of a mother's drinking.
Feeding Your Newborn - feeding basics for new parents.
Fluids & Urination - learn why your body needs fluids.
Folic Acid - information on this healthy dietary nutrient.
Full Moon, Gravitational Pull and Childbirth! - unravel the mysteries of full moons and birth!
Glossary of Terms - a short guide to common pregnancy terms.
Helpful Positions for Labor - learn secrets to an easier and shorter labor!
Incontinence During Pregnancy - is this condition inevitable?
Informed Consent - be knowledgeable of your freedom to choose.
International Birth & Breastfeeding Center - visit birth & BF sites around the world - Newly updated!
Interventions - what you need to know to make informed choices.
Journaling Through Pregnancy - writing it down is more than you think.
Labor Bag - what to take to the birth facility.
Learning Center for Expectant Parents - valuable information about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting for parents, families, grandparents!
Learning Lamaze - Back to Basics - revisit the classic techniques to less pain in labor!
Links - surf the web on these great web sites, updated regularly!
Making informed choices - you have the options and the decision making power.
Mastitis - telling the difference between mastitis and a plugged duct.
Medications & Labor Pain - when you have to make the choice, know what choice you have.
Music During Labor and Birth - a suggested playlist for your iPod or other device.
Natural Induction Methods - alternatives to pitocin.
Newborn Appearance - when life doesn't give you the
Newborn Reflexes and Characteristics - newborns can do more than sleep, eat and poop!
Nursery Needs - get the low-down on the essentials for baby!
Nurturing Your Children - who said parenting is a part time job???????
Nutrition in Pregnancy - eating for two???
Pain in Childbirth - how birth pain differs and what you can do.
Pain Management - medication choices for birth.
Parvovirus B19 - read about Fifth Disease.
Pica - have odd cravings? You are not alone.
Placenta - learn about this amazing temporary organ.
Positive Affirmations & Pregnancy - The Power of Words!
Positive Thinking - ~ the secret of mindful birthing.
Postpartum Doulas - life after childbirth just got a whole lot easier!
Postpartum Emotions - the baby is here and the (mother's) crying begins.
Prader-Willi Syndrome - learn about this chromosomatic disorder.
Premature Labor - 8 most commonly used protocols for avoiding prematurity.
Preparing for the unexpected - lowering the cesarean birth rate.
Preparing for the unexpected - an overview of cesarean birth.
Preparing for the unexpected - Having a cesarean IS having a baby.
Preparing Siblings for the New Baby - taking the
Protein - Are you getting enough? - what are your choices...what about fish?
Pushing Your Baby Out - key facts and valuable tips!
Recommended Reading for Parents - newly updated!
Referral Network - find a doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant or other maternal child health professional in your community.
Reflexology - learn techniques for hand and foot reflexology.
Sign Me Up - baby signing!
Social Support - dispelling myths about social support for labor.
Stage Four - the first two hours postpartum
Stage One - everything about this first stage of labor.
Stage Three - birth of the infant and the placenta.
Stage Two - everything about this second stage of labor.
Stress - and the influence on baby and labor.
Stress Update - how it effects health and emotional well-being.
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) - understanding separation of the symphysis pubis.
The Bishop Score - ~ What does it mean?
The Pain-Coping Mindset - how will you deal with labor pain?
Timing Contractions - learn about duration and frequency.
Tools for Labor - what is in your toolbox for labor and birth?
Transition Phase of Labor - dilation from 7 to 10 centimeters.
Trimesters of Pregnancy ~ First - diagnostic screening
Trimesters of Pregnancy ~ First - What you need to know the first 3 months!
Trimesters of Pregnancy ~ Second - What you need to know for the 4th, 5th and 6th month.
Trimesters of Pregnancy ~ Third - what you need to know during month 7, 8 & 9!
Trimming Baby's Nails - great tips for this necessary chore.
TTTS - Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Ultrasounds - the basics about this prenatal procedure.
Weight Gain in Pregnancy - weight gain is necessary and isn't all you!
What To Bring With You To The Hospital - The Contents of Your Goodie Bag!
What You May Not Know About Being Induced - ~ What your care provider may not have mentioned.
Why a Midwife? - explore why midwifery care may be for you.

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