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2011 Quote of the Month  

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December 2011
"Throwing facts and figures at women undoubtedly helps them to understand their choices, but it is more important that women are guided to unlock confidence in their bodies to embrace the process of birth"
 ~ Dr. Amali Lokugamage
"The Heart in the Womb"
November 2011
Childbirth is a time when a woman's power and strength emerge full force, but it is also a vulnerable time, and a time of many changes presenting opportunities for personal growth.

~ AnneMarie Van Oploo
Janet Schwegel's "Adventures in Natural Childbirth"
October 2011
Women's bodies have near-perfect knowledge of childbirth; it's when their brains get involved that things can go wrong.
~ Peggy Vincent
"Baby Catcher"
September 2011

"Unfortunately, the role of obstetrics has never been to help women give birth. There is a big difference between the medical discipline we call "obstetrics' and something completely different, the art of midwifery. If we want to find safe alternatives to obstetrics, we must rediscover midwifery. To rediscover midwifery is the same as giving back childbirth to women. And imagine the future if surgical teams were at the service of the midwives and the women instead of controlling them."

~Michel Odent, MD


August 2011 ~ Celebrating Ibu Robin Lim!
"Respect for nature, respect for culture, and the wise implementation of the Science of Medicine"
~ Ibu Robin Lim
Donate to her work at http://www.bumisehatbali.org/
July 2011

"the parallels between making love and giving birth are clear, not only in terms of passion and love, but also because we need essentially the same conditions for both experiences: privacy and safety."

Sarah Buckley, M.D


June 2011

Having a highly trained obstetrical surgeon attend a normal birth is analogous to having a pediatric surgeon babysit a healthy 2-year-old."

~Marsden Wagner


May 2011

Education is the first step toward empowerment.

~ Connie Livingston

April 2011

A funny thing happens when women start talking about natural childbirth.  At first it can sound totally unappealing.  But when a woman starts to learn all the ins and outs, and begins to understand why so many women are choosing this path, she may find herself creating a new birth plan that she previously never would have imagined.

~ Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
Your Best Birth

March 2011

Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have. 

~ Robin Lim 


February 2011

In achieving the depersonalization of childbirth and at the same time solving the problem of pain, our society may have lost more than it has gained. We are left with the physical husk; the transcending significance has been drained away. In doing so, we have reached the goal which is perhaps implicit in all highly developed technological cultures, mechanized control of the human body and the complete obliteration of all disturbing sensations.

SHEILA KITZINGER, Women as Mothers


January 2011

During the first stage of labor, George Brodhead advises that the patient be kept out of bed as much as possible in the upright, sitting or kneeling position.

~ The Practical Medical Series: Obstetrics, 1912

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